Family Law

Jennifer’s family practice has grown extensively during the past five years.  Having been through a divorce, Jennifer brings a different experience and background to the table.  Jennifer is able to help her clients navigate difficult and challenging divorce cases in such a way to try to minimize conflict and maximize their outcome.

Family law cases are very different from other types of cases.  A divorce or custody case can be the most challenging and difficult life event a person can face.  Studies have shown that, after the death of a loved one, divorce is the second most stressful life event.  Not only is a person dealing with the separation of their family and the underlying issues leading to the divorce, but also stressful financial worries as a result of the separation and divorce, the forced return to the work force for parents who have stayed home with children, boyfriends or girlfriends entering their children’s lives and other stressful situations.  Jennifer understands this and is able to help her clients navigate this emotional road.

In addition to divorces, Jennifer has an active practice dealing with such post dissolution matters as custody, parenting time and child modifications.  She also helps clients with divorces and guardianships.

When524481_10201310595400745_1790528240_n you need an attorney who knows the law, has compassion for your situation and is a “Beast” in the courtroom, we invite you to call at (317) 346-7300.